Saturday, 15 November 2008

A yellow one...

I saw another fairy ... I hope it was a fairy anyway,
It was yellow and small and fluttered like a moth (but not a moth or anything like that) - but faster, all the way up my wall and towards the window...
It woke me up from a really deep sleep.
She was pretty ... I'll call her Flo

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racey_stacey13 said...

Fairy (inspired by a lost left shoe)

Why do fairys steal my stuff, they come from the dimming candle in the dusk. They come with wings like glass, buzzing and thieving, but gone so fast.

Why do butterflys eat my clothes, swirl and twirl and devour. Who would know it was them, coming and munching by the hour.

Why does the daisy pinch my mittens, blooming from the gardens hands. Petals here and petals there, petals on my sunflower kitten.

Always the left, never the right, its why you dont know, your alseep at night. Dreaming of your stolen goods, Shhhhhhhh its magic.