Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A new...............

I've decided to squish my blogs together : a Day to Day Today plus a poem of sorts, hopefully per day ... it makes me feel better :

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Monday, 25 May 2009

I have never felt so

and so completely found at the same time.
I lay, but can't sleep : I can't get you out of my mind... I don't know why. This is the opposite of before (quite literally)
If you break my... heart? .... who will I be?
Am I scary?
Hope not.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

A head : Full

I don't know ... I fell off and now I'm floating on all the things that surround clouds ... air I guess. There were stars and you made them come up in the sun, untill they were too tired to dance at night. Now the night is dark. There are broken strings and holes in the sky. But I have this dream ... I talk with a little bird - the little bird from before, and she sings the stars back. Sometimes. And sometimes I think of you. Then I dream. But sometimes I think of you ... and sometimes I think of you, and you. I don't know anymore what is to be. Truth? What was supposed to be... I'm lost in one of the holes in the sky. Fell in. Sometimes the bird makes me happy, but other times she makes me cry. It's not her fault... just my own, because it is so difficult for me to see now in the dark.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Blue Green

In the blue green light it all seems so right, so lovely. Through the blue green light we are there, and the flock of birds in flight look down on us, it all seems so right. There are no bad words here, no sentences of fake questions and harsher answers still. This blue green light is a lake with a film on top; she holds all our bad words on the bay until we feel better. We lay beneath her body … we don’t need to breathe here. Nothing to feel but the warmth we feel not, outside. She waves and ripples. We are her but also each other. We hide in her caves and talk in bubbles that will never reach her surface; she makes us brave, ironically. She is filled with secrets, all diluted. In your eyes… is the only beauty I could ever find in you… a fake beauty of a reflection of myself in you, or my dreams to be more precise.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Birds are funny things

There are true things as sentences and if told we might melt like snowflakes:

Two birds are on the same telephone line but they can't see each other really: not for sure...
Sometimes they think they can hear eachother dreaming...
... she doesn't like melted snowflakes so she sits and waits for new snow to cover the old,
will she say it now? could she be so bold?
She knows though that if this what she is told is different from her dreams she will be no more than a rain drop fallen on the dirty ground,
with no more than a tear to show for the dreams she once had.

It is all too complicated in bird land.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dreams are only dreams after all

Kitty caught her mouse in the end; the mouse saw her own reflection and decided to stop.
Kitty couldn't sleep; she missed little mouse.