Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Blue Green

In the blue green light it all seems so right, so lovely. Through the blue green light we are there, and the flock of birds in flight look down on us, it all seems so right. There are no bad words here, no sentences of fake questions and harsher answers still. This blue green light is a lake with a film on top; she holds all our bad words on the bay until we feel better. We lay beneath her body … we don’t need to breathe here. Nothing to feel but the warmth we feel not, outside. She waves and ripples. We are her but also each other. We hide in her caves and talk in bubbles that will never reach her surface; she makes us brave, ironically. She is filled with secrets, all diluted. In your eyes… is the only beauty I could ever find in you… a fake beauty of a reflection of myself in you, or my dreams to be more precise.

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