Saturday, 21 July 2007

Confusion creeps between the floorboards...

I feel small and you, up there... looking down upon me as I trip and fall between the floorboards. Dusty webs stretch over my eyes - when the world turns to black I know it was them: those eight legged manipulators changing my future as I rock on my knees and wish to be up there. You laugh, you don't free me... just grin, look what the cat dragged in, grin. You are the mouse, a cats tale tail tale of a cat. I cannot be free today but when you hear the patter of eight footsteps - you will be sorry, for I belong with them now - they are the only ones to teach me. One day i will be tall again, and I will smile as I look down upon you looking up back at me up there.

1 comment:

dingo said...

Very intriguing. Makes the ever-turning cogs in my mind pick up pace. Reminds me they need oil! He He!
Thanks for the lubrication.